6th KRDMS Ultrasound 2018 Annual Seminar

  (Sunday November 4, 2018 )

Musculoskeletal (MSK),Vascular Technology (VT) and Echocardiography (AE) Seminar

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Course Description


This seminar intended purpose is to provide all attendants with most innovative information in Ultrasound field. The class will consist of a combination of lecture, case review material, stream media and hands on demonstration using the latest technology in ultrasound machines and phantoms. The class will cover normal anatomy, physiology, pathology, protocol scanning, patient care, technical and clinical aspects in relation to disease process in the following areas of adult echocardiography and appendicular skeleton and vascular disease. Additionally, this course will provide innovative methods that will allow the attendant to capture the best image possible for better evaluation of the patient.



Learning objectives:


At the end of the seminar the attendant will be able to:


  •     Identify normal anatomy and physiology pertaining to vascular, cardiac structures and appendicular skeleton.

  •     Recognize pathology in relation to the whole body artery and vein , cardiac structures and appendicular skeleton.

  •     Optimize patient care by practicing proper communication, patient safety, infection control and patient privacy.

  •     Gather clinical history for correlation from previous exams and different modalities to incorporate into exam being done.

  •     Demonstrate how to employ standard scan protocols and measuring techniques used in cardiac structures, arterial/venous systems and appendicular skeleton.

  •     Elaborate on instrumentation usage, qualities, manipulation and methods used to produce optimal image acquisition.

  •     Discuss a variety of disease process and how ultrasound is incorporated in treatment pertaining to cardiac structures, vasculature anatomy and appendicular skeleton.



Target Audience 

The target audience for this CME program activity is based on the involvement of diverse members of ultrasound professionals, including vascular technologist, echo-cardiographers, vascular surgeons, physician (podiatry, orthopedist, rheumatology, sport medicine, emergency medicine, nurses, vascular lab technologist, directors and Nurse- Practitioners.


Faculty Disclosure  

The Korean Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography wants to adhere to ACCME Essential Areas, Standards and Policies in regards to any financial support given to CME. Every speaker used will disclose of any relationship with commercial support, prior to the educational activity.


Faculty Members 

. Jin Hyun Joh,MD. Professor of Gangdong Kyung Hee University.

   Vacular Surgeon.


. IL Suk Sohn,PhD. Professor of Gangdong Kyung Hee University.

   ( Cardiovascular Dept)

. Bum Gi Han,MD. YonSei Medical Clinic.


. Jong Pil Jung,MD. Gyohajeil Medical Clinic.

   President of Korean Association of Orthpedic

   Medicine. ARDMS (MSK)

. Jae Hyun Jung,MD. Professot of Eulji Konyang University.





08:00-90:00 Registration and Refreshments


09:00-09:30 Opening Ceremony


09:30-10:20 MSK (Lower Extremity)

Jae Hyun Jung,MD.

Ultrasound of Knee


10:20-10:30 Break 10:30-12:20 MSK (Part 2)

Jong Pil Jung,MD.


in Shoulder,Elbow,Wrist and hand with ultrasound


12:20-13:20 Lunch


13:20-14:10 MSK (Part 3)

Bum Gi Han,MD.

Ultrasound Findings of Peripheral nerves.


14:10-14:20 Break


14:20-16:10 AE

IL Suk Sohn,PhD.

Cardiac Symptoms and Echocardiography.


16:10-16:20 Break


16:20-18:10 VT

Jin Hyun Joh,MD.

Ultrasound Application for Arterial Disease.


18:10-18:20 Closing Ceremony.





CME Seminar Courses

This Course is for any individual that wants to stay current with their CE units.

Sessions will be held twice a year

Spring (12 units)

Fall (8 units)

Activity Description

During the first registration process will count for 30 minute then lunch time will be 1 hour then the rest will be 6.5 hours. Following day it will start at 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM class duration. The last 30 minutes closing ceremony to award certificate.

Fee: $20 per hour.


Registration Policy

Schedule will be posted 9 month ahead of the original date. For the spring seminar it will be posted early March. For the fall seminar it will be posted early September.

Note: Early registration fee is $20.00 per hour and late registration fee is $25.00 per hour.


Attendance Policy

Tardiness policy students will be automatic cancellation for students who arrive late 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Early dismissal: a student will not be dismiss until closing ceremony


Registration and Refund Policy

Registration will open 9 month prior to the seminar. You will have 9 weeks to cancel in case you cannot attend. You will be refunded 80% of the total. For those students that register within the week prior to the seminar will be charge a late fee of $4.00 per hour.


Seminar Post-test

There will be 100 questions at the end of the seminar. The students must pass the post-test with a least 70%, if any attendant fail the first attempt, there will be a second attempt.


Payment Option

Your payment can be done either by mail or online. By mail, you must pay with money order or cashier checks, or personal check. When paying with personal check, a charge of $30.00 penalty fee for return checks will be charge. If pay online, you may pay with credit card.



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